US Consumers have over $712B in debt. Auto Loans debt is over $1 TRILLION.

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Why Pay More?

There is a cost to borrow money – interest.  But, there are ways to lower that cost.  One way is to pay more than the minimum required amount.  

Decrease what you pay in interest by strategically making your payments.  This can be easier than it sounds.  I have done it for many years by taking advantage of 0% APR credit cards and using tools like amortization table.  I can help you pay less interest, pay-off your debt quicker, and improve your credit score.


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How to use an amortization table

There are people all around the world who have never used an amortization table or even know what it is.  That is why I have built an amortization table, downloadable for free from the resources pag…
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As of November 1, 2016

As of November 1st, 2016, my respective TransUnion and Equifax credit scores are 773 and 776 (see screenshots below), as provided by In the month of October, I opened one new credit ca…
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